Digital Media ACADEMY

Digital Media Academy
formerly How2Social

In 2015, I started How2Social – a consultancy and online learning hub born from my research to empower individuals, teams and organisations in their adoption of new tech and the transformation of their everyday communications.

In 2019, after learning that all my hardwork, IP and bank accounts had been registered by someone else as their own, I had to rebirth the brand and build the business from scratch once again.

Needless to say, I cried lots, doubted myself even more and learnt some very big Start up and Life lessons – the hard way 😛

That being said, eventually I got around to putting on my big girl pants once again and proceeded to get to work…

This time I stayed at the helm across all areas of the business.

Which meant when I didn’t like where it was headed, or it wasn’t serving the intended purpose, I pivoted towards alignment.

While flexibility and agility are fundamentals, remaining true to the intent and purpose IMHO, is just as business critical.

Enter my evolving ‘digital baby’ Digital Media Academy – the umbrella hub for my brain’s multiple marketing communications, social wellness, research, education, digital, new media and philanthropic pursuits.

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