Digital Media Academy

As smart chips and mobile technologies transformed the communications apparatus available to ordinary citizens, I became inquisitive about what this meant for strategic marketing communications operations.

In 2015, I started How2Social – a consultancy and online learning hub to empower individuals, teams and organisations in their adoption of new social tech and to proactively enable them to manage the transformation of their everyday communications

The irony of DMA was that it grew from my physical off-line network – personal and professional connections and word of mouth rather than social amplification tactics on any of the social networking or microblogging platforms.


My focus has always been on evolving new and emerging tech for sustained organic (rather than paid) growth and developing strategic capability much like we’ve been using PR to drive marketing & sales need since the 1980s.

That being said, in 2018, after learning all my hard work, IP and bank accounts had been registered by someone else as their own, I had to rebirth the brand and rebuild from scratch.

So after lots of tears, self-doubt and why me’s, I saw the experience for what it was – an opportunity to learn and I was grateful.

Not only did it snap me out of my ‘this is how we do it’ bubble but it propelled me to stretch the grey matter even further and try some new things…

Putting down the pizza, I put on my big girl pants and got back to work…

Without realising it, I was kintsugi’ing myself, my life and my future.

With a renewed sense of personal and social purpose, I stepped into Digital Media Academy, hiring a small team, I remained at the helm and across all areas of the business – Research, Retail, Coaching & Administration – in the hope of stepping back and away to concentrate on my writing and research projects.

While time sucking until automated, when I re-looked at the products in line with the social issues of equity in justice, education and social policy here in Australia, I realised I was band aid’ing rather than advocating for sustained improvements.

Nurturing the mainstream and acceptable point of view has never been my thing. I’ve always lead change from the front.

I didn’t understand it at the time, after all there were commercial gains to be had here at the bleeding edge – but as with the plethora of ‘experts’ that superglued their L-plate social tentacles onto the ‘Social media for business’- Client to Pay Express – I wasn’t about to do the same.

So… when the products weren’t serving their intended purpose (ie: how I had originally envisioned them), I pivoted towards alignment, even if it meant having the tough conversations and making the unpopular decisions.

While flexibility and agility are business success fundamentals, remaining true to the intent and purpose IMHO, is critical.

In its current form, Digital Media Academy is the umbrella hub for my brain’s multiple marketing communications, social wellness, research, education, digital, new media and philanthropic pursuits.

When I relaunch it later this year, it will be as originally intended – a purpose-built Learning Centre for strategic communicators, media and marketing practitioners, students and policy makers motivated to Do and Be Better.

A 24/7 in pocket cross-platform MarComms mentor when and where you need and want it.

Why? Because equity of access to operational and strategic platform knowledge leads to market know-how and when given freely that will only deepen the talent pool and the realm of possible in which the real leaders will rise to best in class (#innovate) and with a bit of luck negate the need for industry to self perpetuate their history of brilliance through pay-for-play annual awards recognition.