My Approach

As a Communications specialist – I have always been fascinated by how language influences message reception and drives both social and consumer behaviour.

But over the last decade, the international media and marketing environment has seen every day people turn producer and social commentator with varying effects. Birthing the terms (and ‘workplace ambitions’) of social media influencer, blogger, digital specialist.

Not surprisingly, the way we market goods and services has been changing fundamentally.

Driven through the creation, access and adoption of new technologies and intelligence systems into our everyday lives, we have now entered the fourth iteration of digital sales & marketing ‘best practice’ methodology, since Google Search launched on 4 September 1998.

It’s time to stop, refocus and strategically consider our options and increase our working knowledge of what intelligence has, is and can be sacrificed – both personally and professionally if we continue to engage blindly.

Acknowledging and managing the associated risks of new business processes driven by the social technology and media environments we buy and sell in, has long passed the reputational dilemma of someone not liking us.


For me, creating silos between marketing, public relations, sales, production and IT, is simply inefficient.

The language (and behaviour) of the executive is critical for thought leadership and the strategic imperative.

But success starts with the basics: What do we need to achieve? When, Why?, Where and How?

Go on… I dare you to go back to basics 😛

Some of my research and philanthropic projects (past and present) include:

  • Social Issues Marketing in Australia – the good, the bad and the strategically intended.
  • Our School Online – digital transformation services and custom educational content for Australian students and educators, with a focus on truth telling
  • 22nd Century Social Learning environments – how A.I and quantum capability will limit bias in teaching and news media environments.
  • To Tweet or not to Tweet: Social Media As Strategic Communications in Australian Rugby Union – Looking at the process of creating and nurturing social and economic capital (value) via social technology (social media) within the international media sport business ecosystem. University of Sydney Master’s Thesis (2011)
  • The Art of Social Parenting – understanding the structure, privacy realties and impacts of mobile apps and add ons on your family. Produced for How2Social (2015) and Digital Media Academy (2019)

For fun, I persevere with endeavours to develop a strategic policy and legal framework that utilises new media and social tech, harnessing data in the best interests of the individual, team and organisation This is no easy feat, given the fracturing social, legal and economic structures of our covid-fatigued western democracy.

Transformation through integrated, communications-led business strategy and new tech

Business Transformation

Design, develop and execute integrated business solutions that grow the bottom line and positively build and refine brands in market.

PR & Communications

Design, develop and execute strategic corporate and crisis communications and public relations strategies for purpose.


Research, strategy design, campaign execution and measurement.

Educational Design

Research, design & deploy technology enhanced learning solutions for teachers, parents and carers who need a helping hand.

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