IMC specialist

As an Integrated Marketing Communications specialist – formerly known as Sales, Marketing, Media, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, I am fascinated by how language influences brand reception and consumer behaviour.

A proponent of best practice, my research is focused on determining strategic brand management in the fluid technology based communications platform, commonly called social media.

As a practitioner, I prefer a holistic approach to integrated strategic business communications.

I believe the way we market goods and services is changing fundamentally. This change being driven, as it always has been, through the creation, access and adoption of new technologies and intelligence systems into our everyday lives.

In building business and brand engagement with a view to revenue, it’s the communications platforms and community rules that business is currently learning.

Gradually, we are also starting to acknowledge and proactively manage the associated risks of these new business processes.

Given the changing communications environment, I see inherent inadequacies in businesses that persist in dividing the strategic communications responsibilities. For me, creating silos between marketing, public relations, sales and IT, is simply inefficient. Especially in today’s hyperconnected world.

That being said, for me, just as always, the language (and behaviour) of the executive is critical for thought leadership and as a strategic imperative.

I’ve always followed a ‘One Team’ mentality (ie: all business units striving for the same objective, together, whether internal or agency-based), not just because it evolves fluid communications and is key to integrated, strategic communications success; but also because it makes doing great business, great fun.

Not surprisingly, as a researcher, I focus on the business of brands (organisational, team and individual) within international business. More specifically, how they create and nurture social and economic capital (value), how they influence each other, and the broader media sport business ecosystem in which they exist.

Why? Because the insights and key learnings are transferable across industries and surprisingly similar across cultures. It also makes conference presentations so much more engaging 🙂

As businesses continue to play ‘catch up’ to the real technologists (the guys and girls who develop the code), I persevere with endeavours to develop a strategic framework to articulate best IMC practice across traditional, new media and social technologies; what we’ll refer to one day in the near future as business strategy.

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