Throughout my professional life I’ve worn many labels…

… actor, writer, rugby journo, account manager, marketing director, corporate communications director, consultant, lecturer, general manager, executive producer, CEO, managing director and founder …

Having spent over two decades in senior media and marketing management positions in an array of industries including: Sport, Finance, Automotive, Media, Film & TV, Hospitality and Publishing, and the last 10 years running a number of my own businesses from start-up phase, I have worked on projects of all different shapes and sizes.

My joy: Reinvigorating brands, businesses and the people responsible for them.

Underpinned by a focus on life-long learning and tasked with programs from evolving integrated digital strategy for individuals, SMEs and corporates to assisting parents and carers ensure the digital health and wellbeing of their families.

Strategic Brain

I’ve always been well served (and appreciated for) my ability to jump between the big picture vision and the operational realities of the day to day.

I love it when someone says ‘that’s impossible’, because there hasn’t been a moment yet, where I haven’t delivered the impossible up to said pessimist with a smile… After all, there’s no such thing as impossible, just ‘Not done yet!’ 🙂

Once a Writer, Always a Writer

Ten years ago, during one of my Friday morning mentoring sessions with my screenwriting lecturer at the time, AFI award-winner Ian David (and the best writing mentor a girl could have), Ian calmly pointed out my ‘movie’ was in fact a mini-series. Effectively, increasing my workload by a few years.

Never one to be distracted by ‘a mere obstacle’, thanks to Netflix, I looked for better formats to tell a story that spans two centuries.

I continue to work lovingly on my Academy-award winner Next In Line  while pursuing my future Emmy award-winner and Tony-award winner:The Point 🙂

7th Generation Educator

Further to my consulting, I am also an educator. Academia, my indulgence.

Athletes run up sand hills, but academia is the way I challenge my grey matter to do more and be more.

It’s where by putting yourself in the position of novice, synapses fire twice as hard for connection.

Since 2011, I have been a sessional lecturer in the MECO department at the University of Sydney where I have lectured and tutored in Media Relations (undergrads & postgrads), Crisis Communications (postgrads), Social Marketing and Social Issues Marketing (postgrads), Leadership Communications, Political PR and Strategy Selection in Corporate PR (postgrads).

A 7th generation Australian educator, teaching is not only in my blood, it is something I love to do – whether in a lecture theatre, a boardroom or via zoom.

Personally, I am dedicated to ensuring equity in education. Our School Online (slated for launch next year) is extending the Covid-19 services we offered to teacher/student learning communities during lockdown last year.

It is such a privilege to be able to facilitate a cost-effective and genuinely all-inclusive educational solution that enables all Australian children K-12 to access and develop digital wellness, through digital literacy and competence safely alongside the teaching and learning modules of the Australian and new NSW schools curriculum.

Democratising Digital Media – The DMA Metaverse

What started out as an academic task back in my Master’s day, where we had to learn how to blog’ (yes, I’ve been doing it for a while now 🙂 evolved organically into a social mentoring and digital transformation consultancy (How2Social) which was then reimagined (to the original intention) – Digital Media Academy.

DMA is a tool of equity. A knowledge hub for strategic media and marketing engagement unbiased by economics or politics.

Digital Media Academy

We Don’t Do Vanilla, so Diverse Opinions Are Always Welcome

We think the difficult conversations are the place we need to start.

Please feel free to say so and help proactively nurture a discourse that is as diverse as it is inclusive.

Afterall, It is in only when we engage in the process of acknowledging and understanding the ‘alternatives’ that we open ourselves up to the opportunity of learning and refining our perspectives.

This site was the first stage in that process and should be considered a collection of cyber thoughts (posts) across my diverse interests, connected by a golden thread: my love of language and its impact (and reflection of human thought and behaviour).

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, I hope when you visit, you and your synapses sparkle 😛

Keep in Touch

If you don’t feel comfortable engaging publicly (that’s okay too!), just know you can always email me via me@tiffannyjunee.com

In the meantime… just do you and enjoy every moment of endeavouring to live a life you’re proud of.

xo Tiff Junee xo