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As Principal Mentor for How2Social, I assist individuals, teams and businesses manage disruption.

In 2010, futurists were looking at if, how and what social networks were being utilised by individuals and its impact on the community.

In 2012, early adopters were asking, how can we harness these new technologies to connect / market/ sell to consumers existing and new?

In 2016, the questions around digital transformation should have been:

  1. SALES FOCUSED – Do we have the systems in place to ensure our customers and community members actively participate with our business to the point of purchase?
  2. CUSTOMER-CENTRIC – Are we maintaining said engagement through contextually relevant integrated interactions to evolve our customers into brand and product evangelists?
  3. SECURE – Are we effectively mitigating the risks (i.e.: reputational, security) associated with this new style of business…?

In 2018, if your business communications aren’t sales focused, customer-centric and secure, it’s ignoring the fundamental challenges, opportunities and risks associated with digital communications with an audience of over 2 billion global citizens.

How2Social exists: to educate, guide and evolve the strategic adoption of new social and digital media and mobile technology.

If you don’t know How2Learn How2 best Connect, Engage and Participate effectively and efficiently START HERE!


My research focuses on how social capital is developed through social technology (social media, social networking and online relevance) in business with a focus on elite sports, specifically Rugby Union.

More specifically, I look at how value (both human and fiscal) is created through disruptive technologies and its impact on high profile individual, team and organisational brand development and management.


I am a keen observer of trends, not fads. I don’t write the code for the really cool stuff (yet! although I did build but I study the outputs of those who do and strategise on future trends within communications.


I have been blessed to be able to lecture at both undergrad and postgrad level at some great academic establishments. I have also consulted with great businesses over the course of a 20 year career – and am horrified when said businesses tell me they’ve outsourced their social comms.

In the interests of enabling technacy (technical ‘know-how’) in us all, I built

Personally, this hasn’t been an easy task, but if I can help one parent keep their child a little safer online, kickstart a career in digital communications by explaining what’s what for a budding star, or help evolve social leadership in business through programs like Social CEO – then I will be well on my way to achieving some very SMART goals indeed.

Some of the programs I have developed for How2Social include:

Social CEO:

C Suite Social Learning designed for senior executives who want to learn best practice for integrating social into their business and brand communications

  • Fast forward to social pro without feeling silly  in front of your team.
  • Manage your team of communicators through and around social with the same expertise you do traditional media and broader marketing communications planning.

Social Parenting:

Provides parents and guardians with the tools to help their kids develop the social smarts that enable them to migrate safely from supervised user to independent socially savvy communicator.

  • Social networks explained – Facebook, Instagram & SnapChat revealed
  • Privacy – protecting your families private information
  • The Law, social and your child – the dangers are real

Social Career Kickstarter:

The Social Media Coordinator is designed to give you all the skills you need to kickstart your social and digital media career.

  • What is the role and responsibility of a social media co-ordinator?
  • Developing the skill set of a social media co-ordinator
  • Social Automation – What is it, and how do I do it?

If you’d like to find out more about the these programs visit How2Social.

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