Throughout my professional life I’ve worn many labels…

Actor, Writer, rugby journo, Marketing Director, Corporate Communications Director, Consultant, Lecturer, General Manager, Executive Producer, Managing director and Founder to name a few…

I’ve spent the better part of the last three decades in senior management positions in an array of industries: Sport, Finance, Automotive, Media, Film & TV, Hospitality and Publishing.

Having worked on projects of all different shapes and sizes – predominately, around strategic global communications (think multi-platform, digital and social media).

My joy: Reinvigorating brands, businesses and the people responsible for them.

Underpinned by a focus on life-long learning and tasked with programs from evolving integrated digital strategy for individuals, SMEs and corporates to assisting parents and carers ensure the digital health and wellbeing of their families.

I am the person you call when you want to do, be and feel better about the way you monetise in the world 😛

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea because I am a straight shooter who leads with empathy.

So if you’re used to agenda-setting at politicking in the workplace, you best leave it at the door when you come to see me.

Life’s too previous to waste it on drama… unless of course I wrote it 🙂

Further to my consulting, I am also an educator. Academia is my personal indulgence.

Since 2011, I have been a sessional lecturer in the MECO department at the University of Sydney where I have lectured and tutored in Media Relations (undergrads & postgrads), Crisis Communications (postgrads), Social Marketing and Social Issues Marketing (postgrads), Political PR and Strategy Selection in Corporate PR (postgrads).

A 7th generation Australian educator, teaching is not only in my blood, it is something I love to do – whether in a lecture theatre, a boardroom or via zoom.

Personally, I am dedicated to ensuring equity in education. Our School Online (slated for relaunch later this year) is extending the Covid-19 services we offered to teacher/student learning communities during lockdown last year.

It is such a privilege to be able to facilitate a cost-effective and genuinely all-inclusive educational solution that enables all Australian children K-12 to access and develop their digital literacy and competence safely alongside the teaching an learning modules of the Australian schools curriculum.

This site is a collection of cyber thoughts (posts) across my diverse interests, connected by a golden thread: my love of language and its impact on human behaviour.

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, I hope when you visit, you and your synapses sparkle 😛

Please feel free to email

xo Tiff Junee xo


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