Who Am I?

Throughout my professional life I’ve worn many labels… writer, rugby journo, marketing director, corporate communications manager, media director, educator, strategic business consultant, lecturer, tutor, general manager and actor to name a few…

I work on projects of all different shapes and sizes – predominately, around strategic global communications (think multi-platform, digital and social media). My joy: Bringing brands and businesses to life.

This includes educating and evolving integrated digital strategy for individuals, SMEs and corporates to assisting parents and carers ensure digital health and wellbeing for their families.

I’ve spent the better part of the last three decades in senior management positions in an array of industries: Sport, Finance, Automotive, Media, Film & TV, Hospitality and Publishing.

Previous professional roles and appointments included: Director of Marketing, Community Relations & Philanthropy at The Women’s College within The University of Sydney; Corporate Communications & Media Director, Hyundai Motor Company Australia; Marketing Director, MyHome.com.au, Unit Coordinator in Media Relations in the MECO Department at the University of Sydney, Lecturer in Public Relations, Advertising, Media, Talent Management and Marketing at APM Business College and William Blue Business School.

Academia is my indulgence. I am constantly questioning and loving every moment of discovering what moves and motivates a response.

Since 2011, I have been a sessional lecturer in the MECO department at the University of Sydney where I have lectured and tutored in Media Relations (undergrads & postgrads), Crisis Communications (postgrads), Social Marketing and Social Issues Marketing (postgrads), Political PR and Strategy Selection in Corporate PR (postgrads).

An 8th generation Australian educator, teaching is not only in my blood, it is something I love to do – whether in a lecture theatre, a boardroom or via zoom.

In 2015, I founded the social education platform Digital Media Academy. That same year I discovered the joy of parenthood and have been balancing the natural and the constructed urges of being a mother and a leading practitioner ever since.

The DMA platform was designed, developed and is maintained in Australia. This was important to me because of the associated risks of profiling let alone transacting as an individual, team or organisation online.

DMA provides mentoring services dedicated to empowering Australian’s of all ages in and around traditional media as well as digital communications including: new media, mobile and social technology @Home @Work @School @Play.

In 2018, I introduced The Uluru Statement from the Heart to my postgraduate media students and the concepts of #Makaratta #Truthtelling for the purposes of strategic communications, PR and crisis communications.

Sparking a new research direction, I wondered about evidence of the practice of truth-telling in Australian society in and through the media.

In 2021, when an American journalist interviewed a Prince and his wife… by golly did my work get interesting 😛

Writing is my passion. My current transmedia projects include: the Australian-based TV series The Point (family action drama),  as well as my epic, Next In Line (mini series), adapted from my debut novel of the same name.

This site is a collection of cyber thoughts (posts) across my diverse interests, connected by a golden thread: my love of language and its impact on human behaviour.

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, I hope when you visit, you and your synapses sparkle 😛

Please feel free to email me@tiffannyjunee.com

xo Tiff Junee xo


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