Augmented Reality Fashion for a Cause

This is a great campaign by Leo Burnett in Moscow.

It highlights the paradigm shift of marketers from monologue to dialogic interaction and articulates an intrinsic understanding about the way mass audiences access, process and act upon new information.  It’s all about the senses: How does it look and make me feel? How does it sound to me?
Mass marketing campaigns, such as this one by World Wide Fund for Nature, need to revolve around participation and engagement, in order to meet (with an intent of exceeding) audience expectations. Something new Web 2.0 technologies enabled dialogic (two-way) conversations have engaged like never before.
If you’re a marketing manager currently reviewing budgets and 2011 plans put forward by your agency, be sure to remember as you embrace the new forms available, that you don’t forget the value delivered to both your brand and business via traditional communications channels.

To do so would mean a failure to recognise and understand that brand, product and service conversations are held in a diverse number of public and privates spaces, between various groups and sub-groups within your target market.

Afterall, marketing to the masses is not just about engaging with relevant messages at key reception intervals, it’s about the ongoing conversation as much as it is about first impressions.

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