Rugby: What’s Changed? Same People, Same Game, New Media?

In 1996, I was a whet-behind the ears rugby features writer.
John O’Neil was the new kid at the ARU – a finance bloke – who wouldn’t last long..
David Campese played his 100th test (unheard of in those days), a young kid called Stephen Larkham was plucked from rugby obscurity for a tour of Italy and the UK – himself unsure how or why he was there from a new team called the ACT Brumbies, coached by an ex-Sydney 1st grader Rod MacQueen.
And across the ditch, another ex-player, by the name of Robbie Deans was the manager for the Canterbury Crusaders.
14 years later…
Deans is now Australian coach, McQueen is back at the helm of the newest Australian rugby franchise once again ‘with all the resources and none of the pressure’ and Campese is giving his opinion via ghost writers 🙂

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