Dinner talk – social media

>I had forgotten how interesting (and by that I mean random) dinner party conversations can be.

Last night, I sat next to a lovely couple at a dinner and after introductions settled into a discussion about the pros and cons of social media. And dare I say it, but I think I discovered one of the only businesses that really doesn’t have a place (in any manner, shape or form) in social media: Funeral stationers.

Why? Because social media sites are about the conversation and in times of mourning, families just want the orders of service booklets to look good and contain the right information. They’re not invested in the product, (quite rightly!) but in the service exchange of being able to ‘tick boxes’ with regards to appropriate etiquette in honour of the deceased.

Given the way my brain sprints (constantly), I’ve woken up this morning (way too early for a Sunday) and have been thinking: What other businesses have no real need for investing in social media besides those in the ‘death’ business?

Are there any?

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