>Take one little piece of social media, an ABC journalist (with an opinion), a national, government news corporation (and no it’s not North Korea), 24 hours out from an election, what do you get? News.
Where are the clearly delineated lines of independent, unbiased reporting and professional opinion? Is there room for diversity of opinion in news reporting at the ABC?

By Tiffanny Junee

Tiffanny has a background in strategic integrated marketing and media communications. Her most recent projects include: Digital Media Academy - a 24/7 personal digital mentor @home @work @school @play Our School Online - a social justice start up embedding equity into the new NSW curriculum. Tiffanny lectures in Social Marketing, Crisis Communications, Social Issues Marketing and Leadership Communications @SydneyUni. A former editor and rugby union journalist, Tiffanny is always writing. Her current multi-platform projects include Australian-based generational thriller 'The Point' (think Thorn birds meets Mission Impossible).