>Exploring the Ecosystem

>I have spent the past six months or so (among other things) researching the global online ecosystem. Not playing games and creating false personas, but scanning, RSS’ing, tweeting, direct messaging and discovering the infinite possibilities the world wide web enables for not only learning, but engagement.

I am now directly connected with people I have never met in the United States of America, England, even my capital Canberra – for reasons only they know, but presumably because we share an interest in social media and marketing.

The researcher in me is eager to discover how these new relationships will evolve in an ecosystem, where most still fear to tread beyond email, or their corporate website, or facebook where they are surrounded by friends.

The online world is frenetic. There is so much to see and do. So much being said and so much you could say. But how?

Blogging is a great way to find your online voice.

As the world wide web is all about the exchange of information, here are a couple of operational issues or errors encountered along the way:

  • Posting too soon and having to endure typos and poor sentence structure 🙂
  • How to delete feeds to your Google Reader that you no longer need or want, but is still persistently clogging up your inbox?
  • The dilemma of choosing and using open source software to serve what purposes? Do I really need it, or am I just getting carried away in the new media tsunami?
  • Privacy – where and how to create it online?

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