Our School Online

Our School Online was a passion project, underpinned by an intrinsic desire to assist K-12 educators eliminate the stress of managing through the sea of Ed Tech options and ‘best approach’ solutions, as the world went into lockdown due to Covid-19.

As a 7th generation educator, experienced online tertiary lecturer and working parent, I wanted to help alleviate the stress of navigating the transition to multi-modal learning.

Accordingly, I employed a small team and we toiled industriously to create a safe, Australian owned and operated digital space where educators and their students could carry on with all their daily classroom activities with minimal distraction.

Building a refined mobile teaching and learning space with integrated administrative functions we also managed to create a schooling sphere via a dedicated parental oversight mode that enabled parents and carers of students to learn about the daily activities and progress of their children, without adding to the administrative tasks of the teachers or school administrators.

In speaking with both government and non government school administrators, educators, students and parents, there was a decided interest in digital solutions that ticked an expected checklist, rather than strive to reimagine a dedicated mobile teaching and learning space that seamlessly integrated, monitored and evolved the process of knowledge production.

While I have now closed down the C-19 inspired service and associated helpline (for obvious reasons),

Our School Online continues to evolve towards being the uninhibited, Australia-owned and operated, mobile learning space for Australian students, educators and administrators in pursuit of equity of access and truth-telling content in both content and educational teaching and learning services.

If you would like to find out more about what’s next for Digital Media Academy‘s #EdTech projects or how Our School Online can scale up for specific school community projects, get in touch via

email: learn@mediaacademy.com.au