My Online classroom

The How2 Series is a Digital Leadership series designed by expert practitioners and educators in media, law and communications, led by yours truly.

It’s for business leaders wanting to artfully navigate next tech, social and mobile communications scenarios @home @school @work @play.

Why? Because I believe all business practitioners should have access to the real story about how, why and when media is your friend or foe as you develop your own opinions and pursuits in the physical and digital realms.


If you are an educator looking for some inspiration around optimising your teaching plans and content for online delivery .

If you’re a high school or university student who I am helping through the process of orienting yourself within your current studies, or mentoring through the move to their new online learning environment refer Learning 2 Learn.

If you’re one of my communications, media or social issues marketing postgraduate students… a walk through DMA’s @Work The Business of Media will help consolidate your understanding of the Australian Telecommunications, Media and Marketing environment.

To my students (past and present)

Need help with something specific?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Digital Media Academy (DMA), Our School Online (OSO) or My Online Classroom (MOC) , just drop me a note and if I don’t already have something, I’ll develop something up for you #UrWelcome #LifeLongLearningIsCool 😀

My contact details are:

Twitter @TiffannyJunee

Email (DMA), (academic) or (personal)

and remember to look after yourselves and walk in kindness – it’ll make you look and feel amazing

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