My Metaverse – Digital Media Academy, Our School Online and…

The Metaverse does NOT belong to Mark Zuckerberg and ideally, it never will belong to one person or one company. Why? because power concentrated in the hands of one or a few NEVER traditionally (in the history of man) turns out well for the underlings.

That being said, we exist on multiple platforms or as ‘Zuck’ would claim we have ‘layers of reality’.

The history of the DMA Metaverse

In 2015, I founded the social media & marketing education company Digital Media Academy (formerly How2Social).

Born from cutting edge masters research into social media usage as strategic communications in international sport way back in 2010, our How2Social Series talks to the social media marketing and communication needs, of the individual (employee), team and organisation.

In 2018, with changing daily communications behaviours inline with the rapid mass adoption of new mobile, social technologies and digital frameworks globally, How2Social expanded it’s content and mentoring services offering.

Accordingly, DMA is an Australian built, owned and maintain multi-platform mentoring and information hub that empowers all ages across digital now and next scenarios.

Unashamedly, DMA is my very deliberate attempt to provide a level playing field for ALL by cutting through the hyperbole and driving the best social communications outcomes possible.

So whether you are a senior business leader or practitioner striving to master the bottom line online or a parent/carer just trying to navigate the world of Teens and mobiles, DMA is the in-pocket 24/7 resource you’ve been looking for.

From Social marketing basics to systems architecture for sustainable and purpose-filled global business communications strategy and on to quantum preparedness as a policy position.

When you have a question, think DMA.

DMA helps all ages navigate both traditional marketing and new media, mobile and social technology platforms – without the distraction of jargon @Home @Work @School @Play

Digital Media Academy

Purpose-built. DMA is the mobile support and reference tool for digital literacy @home @school @work @play

Tailor-made and available 24/7 via our dedicated app

Safe and secure. Owned, operated and managed in Australia, DMA is the platform for learning, mobilising and securing your digital data points.

Trusted. Proactively educates, guides and resolves digital, literacy and readiness @home @work @school @play.

Always within reach, exactly when and where you need it, Digital Media Academy helps you cut through the chaff and reach sustainable strategy aligned solutions – with a smile.