In 2015, I started How2Social – a consultancy and online learning hub born from my research to empower individuals, teams and organisations in their adoption of new tech and the transformation of their everyday communications.

In 2019, after learning that all my hardwork, IP and bank accounts had been registered by someone else as their own, I had to rebirth the brand and build the business from scratch once again.

Needless to say, I cried lots, doubted myself even more and learnt one very big fat Start up lesson the hard way ūüėõ

That being said, not one to be dissuaded from my goals, in 2020 I put on my big girl pants and got to work.

This time I stayed at the helm across all areas of the business.

Enter my ‘new digital baby’ Digital Media Academy – the digital hub for my brain’s multiple research, education, digital and new media pursuits.

In 2021, I reconfigured my online learning hubs for my existing students and mentees, creating My Online Classroom.

As a media and marketing educator I wanted to nurture a space where strategic communications mentoring was both personalised and self-guided, yet I was accessible as and when they needed me.

Over the past decade, I’d come to realise how vulnerability walked hand in hand with knowledge building and so I made a commitment to anonymity when it came to who my clients were.

Needless to say, my one-on-one work was always through word of mouth and ironically social platforms were never going to deliver the kinds of clients I knew I could help.

So… I taking what I’d learnt from my failures over the past six and my newly acquired armour of compassion, I built a learning space, that not only could I manage, but a place where both clients and their teams as well as individuals looking for a little guidance for learning new things, could feel safe to stumble, yet progress as quickly or

Learning Corner marries my research with my experience as an educator and corporate marketer to enable a better understanding of best practice for the next generation of strategic communicators.

Subjects areas:

[introducing the How 2 Social program]

  • Social¬†Media
  • Social Marketing

[introducing the How 2 Digital program]

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing

[introducing the How 2 Business program]

  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
Delivery method:
  • E-workshops
  • Online learning modules

What makes us unique?

24/7 Personal Social and Media Mentoring Service

Interested in finding out more?

The Learning Corner comprises the How 2 series.

Designed to keep busy executives ahead of the pack and abreast of global trends while providing best practice workplace solutions to grow social and economic brand capital.

So stop scratching your head and start asking the questions you want and need answers to. Because with a little #TLC¬†you’ll know How 2¬†Social the right way, in no time ūüôā

Through online How 2 Social learning modules, you are able to participate in the exchange of knowledge across all levels of enquiry around strategic communications. In particular, cross platform communications and media.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multinational who wants to learn How2Social without losing face amongst colleagues, a marketing manager trying to get internal buy-in for your social marketing and media campaigns, a Mum or Dad trying to keep your 13 year old safe online, or a corner store operator trying to tell the local community all about your fabulous fresh produce, the How 2 Social programs mentor you ¬†step-by-step through the process making it the no fuss, cost effective solution you’ve been desperately (although quietly) searching for.