As a researcher, I focus on the business-led solutions through the use of relevant tech in order to drive the growth of brands (organisational, team and individual) within international business.

My research journey began at The University of Sydney, Australia…

2010/2011 Masters Dissertation- To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Social Media as Strategic Communications in Australian Rugby

…and turned into a series of life-long learning and research enquiries personally as well as via and Digital Media Academy.

  • The Art of Social Parenting – understanding the structure, privacy realties and impacts of mobile apps and add ons on your family.
  • Our School Online – Philanthropic digital transformation services in Australian Education.
  • 22nd Century Learning & Teaching environments – how A.I and quantum capability will limit bias in teaching and learning environments.
  • Social Lawlessness: Is social e-licensing a viable solution..?

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