After high school, I had to go to uni. In my family that was the rule.

I could study whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted career wise, I just had to earn the all important ‘piece of paper’ first.

My post uni career (my Act I), kicked off in sports media and publishing. I loved it, but after four or five seasons tired of cycle. Growing up in a household of professional footballers, I knew I’d covered all the stories worth covering to the point of starting to repeat it all.

As an adult, I just wanted to spend time with my characters and help them nurture their stories. They were a heedy concoction of fabulous and farce.

Not being a trust-fund baby, Act II chased a more reliable income stream in the form of fashion and events PR. This ultimately morphed into sales and marketing before I found myself back in publishing and TV – this time in the boardroom.

Act III was about refining old skills in new industries before I found the courage to say, ‘Stop! No more. I just want to write’. And so packing up my Sydney life, I headed north for six months… which turned into 18 and just wrote.

When I finally returned to civilisation, I did so to convert my trilogy into a film.

That’s when my random thoughts found a respectable home in this thing called academia.

I’d always said the first 40 years were about me, and the second 40 were about everyone else.

For me, Act IV started when I dived into marriage and my story took an unexpected although some might say predictable turn.

What started out as a whirlwind, quickly unravelled and I learnt terms like ‘cooercive control’, ‘financial abuse’ as well as the very limited reach of the law to help mothers in need.

So I made a mental note and tagged ‘reforming this’ into a priority item on my ‘To Do’ list.

So for me, my Act IV ended when I designed and built the prototype for a simple tool that mitigates abuse within and of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. After all, lived experience is a tremendous motivator for those determined to fix what they know to be broken.

I call Act IV my time of awakening, because through my process of writing about it, I found myself connecting hidden and unresolved family stories – songlines of trauma.

This journey ultimately birthing another priority for the list – quality access to truth-telling in the stories shared @home, @school @work @play about ‘normal’, ‘right’ and lawful from the past, in the present with a connection to our ‘future’ selves. Enter OSO.

Act V is now. I’ve just received the ’15 minutes to curtain’ call. Confidence and self-belief it’s theme.

Meticulously drafted over the past two years, it’s where my words and actions align and I step into my power as a writer, as an educator and as a warrior.

As I head nervously towards the stage to pitch my wares, I double check my trusty “To Do” list and note the arsenal of commercially-savvy social projects I have nurtured to reality these past two years.

My To Do List:

  1. The KILL Principle – A world-first socio-legal solution that identifies and mitigates abuse in and through FC&FCA proceedings at the point of application. Proactively managing a burdened system with an Australian designed, owned and operated solution.
  2. Our School Online – An Australian owned, built and managed 24/7 digital solution that connects teachers, students and parent/carer communities ensuring equity of access to quality content and instruction for ALL school-aged children.
  3. Digital Media Academy – An Australian-owned, designed and managed 24/7 digital brain providing leadership and strategic communications solutions @ work.

The genesis of these projects is easily located in my blog (first published in 2009). Or what I like to refer to as a collection of cyber thoughts (posts) across my diverse interests. Connected by the golden thread: my love of language and its impact on (and reflection of), us in human form – the good, the bad and the downright ‘fugly’.

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