The Turn into 40

The turn into 40 is an eye opener…

I never thought I’d arrive here like this: unmarried, barren and living back in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Reflecting on my life to date, however, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m a much better (well rounded) person now than I ever could have been for my experiences: both good and bad.

I have long professed the ‘first 40’ as ‘Mine’ and the next 40 as ‘everyone elses’.

And I’m as definite about that, as I’ve ever been.

Had I not had the first 40 the way I did. I would not be the 3 parts heart break to the 7 parts happiness.

Only I can travel my journey, just as you’re the sole ticket holder on yours.

People will jump on and off along the way, but the ones worthy of you will always remain within reach.

Embrace them for the true friends they prove themselves to be.

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