Another day, another academic adventure

To view spaces like Foucault, write like McLuhan, engage audiences like Shirky with the earning potential of Zuckerberg… now that’s my idea of best practice.

In over a decade of corporate living, looking back through the eyes of academic inquiry, only now do I see the simplicity of the modern corporate structure embedded with the obstacles of the professional paradigm.

‘I’m a marketer’ according to my bio. It was only recently that I added ‘wanna-be candlestick maker’. Why? Because, it’s irrelevant.  In modern social spaces, human beings (IMHO) place too much emphasis on labels.

What’s the point of title? Social structure.

The foundation of empire is heirarchy. Social and economic divides defined by title, reinforced in cultural practice and focused on the control of the masses.

What are media empires? Economic structures, defined by business practices responsible for the control/ audit of social information, consumed by the masses.

So what does that make professional sport…?

…A social heirarchy, defined by economic divides, reinforced by cultural practices and processes, refined by acceptable business practices and controls while being consumed by choice by the masses.

All sounds a little Marx-esque, doesn’t it?! 🙂

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