Dissertation: the process of not knowing enough yet…

Settling back into the adult world from academia is a process.

Keeping a foothold in both the professional and the academic is a privilege, a pleasure (and an all consuming pain) I would recommend.
Now that new specs enable faster, more fluid consumption of texts, the momentum of my research and processing of inter-related concepts, examples and ideas are starting to form again.

But what do you do when you are writing, knowing there are gaps that need plugging with theory beyond your current readings and no doubt gleaned from extracts, books and journals that are not yet in your reading tray?

Not knowing the detail is one of the most confronting aspects for professionals use to being the source of expert knowledge in their chosen field, on returning to tertiary studies mid-career. Everyday, I am astounded by how much I don’t know and conversely, how much I am learning.Now if I can just master being comfortable with my diminishing ignorance…

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