Do You. Be great at it.

Say No, think Know.

Sit proudly with and in your stories. Tell them.

Listen to the words you choose. Acknowledge the emotions invoked, the actions incited. Know your impact.

Only the sad or jealous are mean, so lead with kindness but never expect it. Then when it finds you (and it will), embrace it.

My current projects include:

  • Creative
  • The Point is a multi-platform, multi-generational action drama written for print, television, stage, esports and gaming.
  • A parable of Makaratta, told through the adventures of the perfect Australian family – The Munroes.
  • Think Thorn Birds meets Mission Impossible, as told through the eyes of a spirited child.
  • aka Action-packed and laugh out loud relatable in a world where your family is as mad as ours.


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