Things I’ve learnt…

Just do you. Be great, at being you.

Tell your stories and sit proudly in them.

Say ‘No’, Think ‘Know’.

Lead with kindness (don’t expect it) and then…

Every delicious time it finds you, embrace it like a long lost friend.

Writing is my passion.

My current projects include:

  • Creative
  • The Point is a multi-platform, multi-generational action drama written for print, television, stage, esports and gaming.
  • A parable of equity in life and law, It is the story of the real Aussie family – indigenous and immigrant.
  • Think Thorn Birds meets Mission Impossible, narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough
  • aka Convention-breaking, Action-packed, Edutainment with purpose.


Why the Metaverse Matters: @home, @work, @school @play

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