Multi Platform Storytelling

The Point
An action-drama, written for TV, about a blended Australian family, doing the best they can, above and below the waterline.

Set in an exclusive waterfront hamlet, The Point is home to high achievers and hippies alike. From sports stars and musicians to long-time resident, local GP Sarah ‘Doc’ Munroe and her extended family of many, The Point is where Mother Nature and fate conspire to define ‘perfect’ in all its shades of ‘real’ both on top and below the water line.

To onlookers, retiring local GP and long-time The Point resident, Doc Munroe have it all: the handsome and loving husband in retired Marine Ed, steering a close and loving blended family, living the carefree Aussie way of life. However, with children spread around the globe, one only hours away from his final mission, Doc and Ed, are wrestling with what retirement will look like for them. Plans thrown into disarray when Mother Nature and fate conspire to test them all once again, when a new threat emerges from the depths at their back door.

Format: TV Series                 Pilot: War, War, Tsunami