Monthly Archives: April 2013

Speeches that have Inspired

Throughout history, great oratory has mobilised the masses for good and evil, in both real and reel life. [youtube [youtube [youtube [youtube However, it is important to remember that age is no indicator of the ability to inspire change through language. [youtube

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Storytelling at its best

The creative arts enable us to feel, be, dream and learn all at once. An Hungarian shadow theatre troupe had a story to share and thanks to the commercial platform of reality television, they could. [youtube As could a Ukranian couple who also practice the art of storytelling with their bodies and hearts. [youtube #TheGrandStoriesOfLifeToldMagnificently

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Progress and Innovation – Fact or Fiction?

When I started writing this post, we were in the middle of the Australian summer storm season. Floods were ravaging the east coast of this great nation and from Queensland, south, everyday Australians like me, were sitting by candlelight with family and friends, as the wind whipped trees to the ground and the driving horizontal rain pounded the dehydrated earth.

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