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Future Social Government, Canberra, Australia

The last time I spoke about sport and social media, Black Caviar provided the living breathing example of how great sports brands can tweet.

Today, Quade Cooper’s weekend tweets provided a great example of twi-versations that occur during an employer/ employee divide.

Noone likes an unhappy workplace, however, two tweets can say a lot about a person and a company.

While ‘toxic’ may be an apt description of any organisational approach that uses traditional media management methodologies to ‘manage’ it’s new media relations…

The reality is, social technologies require a socialised approach to communications.

Irrespective of whether the organisation is using them or not,the employee is, and in Cooper’s case, actually leveraging the technology the way it was intended.

Could this be the ‘nudge’ Australian Rugby needs to finally heed the call and develop a comprehensive governance framework (think widely distributed social media guidelines, policy and contracts) for their employees both on and off the pitch around social technologies..? Let’s hope so.

Why? Because if Quade Cooper leaves rugby, he’ll also take over 580,000 Twitter ‘followers’ with him, and that’s just stating the bleeding obvious. #FoodForThought

Disturbing post match interview

An Australian captain, confronting a former Wallaby, in a post match interview.

This is disturbing for a number of reasons, although, one wonders how insecure a bloke has to be, to lunge for the jugular in a post-match interview.

Although, if you were watching the (delayed) Channel 9 coverage of the Perth test match, you wouldn’t have seen it. Apparently, the Programming team determine a 1970’s Clint Eastwood movie, far more entertaining than any post-match interviews.

I’ve been involved in sport for the better part of four decades and I have NEVER seen an Australian rugby captain so precocious or an official broadcaster so apathetic.

Which makes me wonder…

How bad do things really have to get before the power brokers at Australian rugby make systemic changes…?