Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sports journalism at its best

This is why I love corporate media, PR-driven businesses and professional sport. The entertainment value is second to none.  Feeling relaxed, yet re-energized after my morning manipulations with Svetlana the former Ukrainian weightlifter come new age massage therapist, I half choked on my raisin toast when I read SportsDay – The Sydney Morning Herald’s sports pages. According to Manly Rugby

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Hypocrisy or Hype?

Nixon is a name historically shrouded in scandal but here in Oz our leading man – Ricky Nixon – has as much charisma as the Toxic Avenger. Personal taste and attributes aside, I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying the latest PR-ladden ‘personal issues and in need of rehab’ plead. Sorry Ricky, Tiger already rolled with that one and while

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