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Dissertation: the process of not knowing enough yet…

Settling back into the adult world from academia is a process. Keeping a foothold in both the professional and the academic is a privilege, a pleasure (and an all consuming pain) I would recommend. Now that new specs enable faster, more fluid consumption of texts, the momentum of my research and processing of inter-related concepts, examples and ideas are starting

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Writing The Screenplay

Although I don’t necessarily agree with Tudor Gates’ ‘this is my screenplay and I’ll write as much direction as I want to’ approach, in his book Scenario, he poses six kinds of questions that a screenwriter should ask themselves during the writing process. I have found these monumentally helpful in maintaining a concentrated focus on the key construction drivers during

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1995 – The dawning of a new corporate media/organised sports relationship in Australia

In 1995 two things happened: the amateur sport of rugby union officially turned professional and the world wide web was born for broader public consumption. In the southern hemisphere, the rugby union governing bodies of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, formed  the business collective,  SANZAR self-appointed administers of a new international provincial competition known as the Super 12, This

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What is Media?

Twenty-first century media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap and has transferred to an amateur media environment where the ‘audience’ are now full participants (Clay Shirky, 2010). What Shirky is describing is a move away from traditional media and communications practice, that was structured around the principle of control. Traditionally, key corporate messages were distributed from business via accepted channels (ie: fax,

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White Space is Key Online

I have been spending A LOT of time in cyberspace of late – moreso than usual. Not surprisingly, I’ve noticed new trends re: how individuals (both trained and citizen journalists) are actually developing their ‘online voice’ – the charming and evolving skill – we all continue to refine. However,  they are doing so at the expense of readability with layouts

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>ABC Twitterer Gets Tweeted

>Take one little piece of social media, an ABC journalist (with an opinion), a national, government news corporation (and no it’s not North Korea), 24 hours out from an election, what do you get? News.Where are the clearly delineated lines of independent, unbiased reporting and professional opinion? Is there room for diversity of opinion in news reporting at the ABC?

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